LSD or BPA? You Be The Judge!

Apparently, there are some nasties in our plastics: BPA. Sometimes I wonder how we have survived as long as we have. I bought a new water bottle today at lunch. I was tired of making so many trips to get water. I started feeling like I was drinking out of a thimble.

Back to the water bottle.

It is a very nice water bottle. What makes this water bottle special is that first and foremost it was 10 freaking dollars! Honestly, I can’t believe I paid $10 for molded plastic. I’m guessing it’s $10 because I bought it at Bass Pro Shop. Because, honestly, why would Bass Pro Shop have a water bottle that cost less than $10. They don’t specialize in water bottles. It wouldn’t make sense. Now the other special thing about this water bottle is it is “bpa free.” Class, can anyone tell me what in the world a bpa is and how it matters if my water bottle has them or not? Well, I’ll save you the trouble. First, we (notice the use of we, because like we are all so concerned about it) are very concerned about chemicals leaking into our plastic bottle contained beverages. It keeps me up at night thinking about it. It does. Really. And if just your ordinary, run of the mill chemicals weren’t bad enough, in steps Bisphenol A or as we in the water bottle industry like to call it, bpa. Frank, what is Bisphenol A? I’ll tell you. Actually, the website will tell you.

According to, Bisphenol A is a chemical that has been linked to cancer and other diseases. At least according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) it is. It is a common chemical that is used to strengthen polycarbonate plastics and is also used in the epoxy resin linings of almost all canned goods.

I just thank God that the EWG is out there protecting me from bpa! At least I know our children and grand children will be safe from them. I’m sure it’s too late for us. We are the generation that invented the plastic water bottle. We have already consumed so many bpa’s that our tumors are going to have tumors.

Sorry for that rant. I must have blacked out.

Right now as I type this blog entry I found that I am freaking out. I am not sure what is going on but the walls are bowing in and out and if I turn my head too quickly it takes me a few seconds for the world to stop spinning. I am also very cranky right now. My poor daughter just came over here and asked me if I wanted some of her sliced apple and I told her no. Then she said “why” and I flipped out. No provocation. I blame society. Oh, and my parents.

So I took a break and was eating my fruit bowl with my wife and all the scary stuff went away. It was probably all just a panic attack thinking about bpa.

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