2012 FZS Winter Band Concert

My son’s high school band had their winter concert last night. They put on a pretty good show. There was music and lights and even a little video.

We showed up a little late for his call time. We got caught up in a nature documentary about mountain lions and all of sudden Austin snaps back to reality and tells me he is late for his concert. Good times. I love rushing around at the last minute!

There were twelve songs played in total, but only four of which were played by the symphonic band. While they were all good I have to say my favorite was the when they played a song from Lord of the Rings and had a video mashup with scenes from the movie playing. It was pretty cool. I felt totally immersed in the music and was a little disappointed when the song ended.

Good job to all the kids! I look forward to their concert in the spring.

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