To iPhone or Not To iPhone

Hi.  My name is Frank and I’m an iPhone user.  I’ve been an iPhone user now for going on 4 years.

I love my iPhone.  I also love my wife’s Android.  I love smart phones in general.  What I don’t love is when my smart phone is broken.  Mine broke this weekend and I am hating life right now.  On my iPhone it’s the little round button at the bottom that has stopped working, or I should say has started working only when it wants to and not only when I am pressing it.  My phone all on its own has initiated voice commands and tried to call people based on ambient noises it hears while becoming sentient.

It will also use said voice commands to start playing music.  I love this because if I have any app open at the time I can’t stop the music because the little round button doesn’t work for me to switch to the iPod app.  So I have gone from button working to button working sometimes to button not working at all to button has become self aware and lives to torment me.

I’m going to try and reset the whole phone and pray that it is a software issue causing Skynet to take over my phone.  I know it’s wishful thinking, but if it works it saves me from either having to put up with a downgraded Go phone from AT&T because I’m not eligible for an upgrade yet or paying full price for a new smart phone.

I love technology!

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