iPhone It Is

Well, it looks like my iPhone will live to see another call. After being shut off for a couple of days and me being agitated it wasn’t working everything has turned out fine. I turned on my phone and everything works as it should. I don’t know why and although at first I wanted to know why now I just don’t care. I’m just happy it works. The more I contemplated resetting it and thinking about all the apps and settings and everything I use on it I was quite overwhelmed by the idea.

I did find lots of information about the home button on iPhones crapping out. I found various YouTube videos on how to correct it varying from tearing apart your iPhone and replacing parts to blowing compressed air on it to sacrificing small animals with feathers. I am not one for tearing up my phone or sacrificing animals so after I turned it back on and found it working I blew air into the connector port just for good measure.

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