BCD Upcoming Posts


Upcoming Posts provides a widget to display posts scheduled to be published.


BCD Upcoming Posts


  • Control number of posts to be displayed
  • Pick posts at random to be displayed
  • Display post titles as a link or plain text
  • Display drafts along with scheduled posts
  • Display drafts instead of scheduled posts



In use with no hyperlinks…

In use with hyperlinks…



numposts number specifying how many posts should be displayed. Omit to include all upcoming posts.
sortorder determines the sort order of the list. The sorting is performed on the post date. Valid values:

  • asc – display in ascending order
  • desc – display in descending order
  • rand – display in random order

If not specified then sortorder defaults to asc.

showmore displays the post’s excerpt or text leading up to the *more* tag. Valid values:

  • yes – displays the excerpt
  • no – does not display the excerpt

If not specified the excerpt will be displayed.

showlink displays the post’s title as a hyperlink or plain text. Valid values:

  • yes – displays the title as a hyperlink
  • no – displays the title as plain text

If not specified the title is displayed as plain text.

includedrafts includes drafts along with scheduled posts. Valid values:

  • yes – displays drafts along with scheduled posts
  • no – hides drafts so only scheduled posts are shown

If not specified drafts will not be shown.

draftsonly hides scheduled posts and displays only drafts. Only applies if includedrafts is omitted or set to yes. Valid values:

  • yes – displays only drafts
  • no – inlcudes drafts and scheduled posts

If not specified drafts and scheduled posts will be shown.


The following examples illustrate using the [bcdupcoming] shortcode to display upcoming posts. The attributes can be supplied in any order and must be separated by a space.

Display all upcoming posts.

Display only 5 upcoming posts
[bcdupcoming numposts=5]

Display upcoming posts in descending order
[bcdupcoming sortorder=desc]

Display the posts without showing the excerpts
[bcdupcoming showmore=no]

Display five posts at random
[bcdupcoming numposts=5 sortorder=rand]

Display five posts at random without excerpts
[bcdupcoming numposts=5 sortorder=rand showmore=no]

Display titles as plain text
[bcdupcoming showlink=no]

Display titles as a link
[bcdupcoming showlink=yes]

Display drafts along with scheduled posts
[bcdupcoming includedrafts=yes]

Display only drafts
[bcdupcoming onlydrafts=yes]

9 comments on “BCD Upcoming Posts
  1. robhortn says:

    Nice work sir! I dig it!

  2. jordipadro says:

    Hi! Good work!
    I wonder if it would be possible to sort the entries descendently, I’m using the pluging to show a schedule of a cultural NGO center but appears first the newest activities and I would like that appears firstly the olders. How can I do it?
    Thanks a lot!

  3. funreviewsnet says:

    I installed and activated this and it does two things weird. First, and most important, underneath the title (COMING SOON …) it puts the word ‘default’ and then lists the articles. But the article list does not have a dot to the left of it like you have in your example above. Weird?

    • frank says:

      Not so weird when testing code is left in the release version 🙂 I can remove that ‘default’ text for you, but the bullet points I’m not sure I can do so easily. I’m thinking that maybe a theme issue. The widget uses the current theme’s default styles for displaying lists.

  4. funreviewsnet says:

    LOL, thanks Frank! I’m sure it’s my theme. I’m using Pagelines and their BlogPro child theme. It’s not the first time it was incompatible with something. 🙂 Let me know where to download the corrected code when you finish it up. 😀


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