BCD Roster


BCD Roster adds a custom post type for roster members along with a custom taxonomy for assigning categories to the new post type. Also provides a shortcode interface to list the roster in various ways.


BCD Roster


  • New post type for members of the roster
  • New taxonomy (category) for the members of the roster
  • Added shortcode for displaying the roster in posts and on pages


New Dashboard menu

In use…


name comma separated list of categories
sortorder Determines the sort order of the members. Valid values:

  • asc – sort in ascending order
  • desc – sort in descending order

If not specified then the sort order defaults to asc.

listtype Specifies how to display the list of roster members. Valid values:

  • ul – display as an unordered list (typically, this means bulleted)
  • ol – display as an ordered list (typically, this means numbered)

If not specified the members are displayed one per line with no formatting.


The following examples illustrate using the [bcdroster] shortcode to display the roster. The attributes can be supplied in any order and must be separated by a space.

Display the entire roster.

Display members in the “brass” category.
[bcdroster name=brass]

Display members in the “brass” and “woodwind” category.
[bcdroster name=brass,woodwind]

Display the entire roster in descending order
[bcdroster sortorder=desc]

Display members in the “brass” category in descending order
[bcdroster name=brass sortorder=desc]

Display the entire roster in an unordered list
[bcdroster listtype=ul]

Display members in the “brass” category in an unordered list
[bcdroster name=brass listtype=ul]

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  1. pate says:


    Can I have the roster display in one page but with participants headshot thumbnail? I’m trying to use it to create something like this, and easy to update http://www.oblatepartnership.org/partners/

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